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Luxury Home
Purchase Representation

Marcus David provides Home Purchase Representation at no cost to our VIP clients! We’re your “boots on the ground” to meet with brokers, agents or homeowners, do walkthroughs, site surveys, meetings and even negotiating for you. Gone are the days of putting out the expense to fly your assistant to the location, put them up in a hotel, rent them a car, etc. Why do any of that when Marcus David will be your "assistant" at no cost! How is it possible that it’s no cost to you? Our relationships and agreements give us the angle to invoice the seller’s agent for our services.

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Luxury Home Rentals

Marcus David has become Hollywood’s Go To concierge when it comes to luxury home rentals. Known as “The Luxury Home Rental Guy”, Marcus David has been sourcing homes and hosting celebrities, athletes, and corporate executives from all over the world. We can source options from anywhere, but our specialty is in our backyard of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hollywood Hills, West Hollywood, and Malibu!

We carry no listings as the options we bring to you are specifically catered to exactly what you’re looking for. We have relationships with property managers, homeowners and agents that guarantee to find you exactly the home rental that you want. Our fee is always included in the final rental rate and is always guaranteed to never exceed your budget.



Festival Home Rentals

No one does Festival housing the way we do it! Marcus David has sourced homes for headliners for the Coachella Music Festival, Ultra Music Festival, Life Is Beautiful and many, many others. We know what areas allow get togethers and what areas are extremely exclusive and private. Marcus David has become the go to guy for talent mangers, agents, executive assistants and travel agents from all over the world. We house talent for year-round festivals.


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Marcus David is sought out by the best of the best, delivering A List results to A List Clients.

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